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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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forecast and up to sierra snow and rain. we'll see if it gets farther south or take it is all about the low clouds and bases are lifting that helps firefighters tremendously and much cooler. the higher committee and i think the bases will make up a couple thousand feet. everything is making a push of the bay and for some the briefest current debt. not too much here but right there 31 to 39. hang on. even vacaville. if they temperatures in the 50s lafayette 52 black hawk 52 and is a way down by the concord pavilion 53 and 157. it is in place and the system that is swinging and will be rather vigorous as the site and it will start the cooling trend a little bit yesterday and a lot today. 60s and 70s now and 80s. say goodbye to the 90s. >> wouldn't want to be a period
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>> use them up to 2 cups of coffee by now. >> happy national coffee day. let's go to solano county and talk about that. traffic is moving along nicely 80 westbound driving into fairfield it is not a bad commute here. 27 minutes from fairfield to belay help and traffic continues to look good as you drive right through the area into the cordelia junction and getting out to the area you will see the traffic continue to move along very well. people use six 8880 moving out to the bridges. >> let's go out and see what we have with some of the attributes we see the great bridge toll plaza are not a bad drive driving into san francisco it is so early. so this morning unto 80 balance
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then south bay commute felt nice and light for your travels. 4:32 am lasco back to the desk. if they fire officials are worried about a possible arsonist in the area. people who live near the pleasant hill and conquered satan there are dozens of fires in the past few months. we martinez you are in pleasant hill with the damage the fires have caused. good morning. it is a little dark at here but this is the trail here in pleasant hill. this is where people have been noticing a lot of the burned out patches on either side of the trail and that is not just the trumpet the monument trail as well that it turned into potential cost of fire will give us an exact number at the east bay newspaper speculated more than 30 small fires in the past couple of months. fire officials say so far no one has been injured. the arson investigators say there is a fires. the most recent happen
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to think that the fires are occurring at all times a day along the trail and monument trail. flames engulfed a tree near their home. >> we've had 4 along the line here >> one man ray shepherd and his fiancie showed another series of photos which they say are destroyed in a fire on sunday in an apartment complex on recently right next to the trail. the fire investigators say all signs are pointing to arson. fire investigators are very worried about this because we are in the peak of fire season. conditions are not -- are
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incredibly dry dirt all the brush underneath is very dry and crunchy. it's been tried at all summer long. having any kind of fires along these narrow trails at times the trail run rate behind houses to be absolutely devastating if the fire were to get out of control. time is 4:34 am people and petaluma that were burned out on tuesday say the caltrans should have trimmed the role of eucalyptus trees that help the fire spread so fast. on highway 101 quickly ignited the trees which then spread the flames onto a row of nearby homes. for houses were destroyed. 10 were damaged. home owners and cal fire blamed a eucalyptus tree and serve as a buffer. >> we talk to the city. we asked for the wall and for the
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last 10 years ago but never happened. the couch and told us it could find no record of a complaint about the trees going back to 2010. the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation but investigators say they know it started a long sigh the freeway probably from a cigarette thrown out of a car window. we're following up on historically brought you last time over broken surveillance cameras are double homicide took place for the camera system has been repaired but it can really reports the fix comes too late for the victim's family. >> the camera system at the parking is back online. the cameras at the park have been updated. they are fully functional and may have been strategically set throughout the park for maximum coverage. the cameras were not operational and two men were gunned down on august 30. city officials admit they had
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been working for several years despite that despite signs in that particular surveillance. she is a widow of parliament can protect i was very upset and i knew that was the only way . >> we had good look at the control center city knew the room had been flooded by a nearby bathroom but never got fixed until this week. >> family enough we had a tragedy and now they are in operation where they shouldn't have taken years to get it done but i can say they were. >> she says she has mixed emotions that >> it's a really -- original a family will not go through the same thing. >> is something that can bring them back. oakland police have
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not made any arrests. san jose police have identified the man whose body was found in a field on tuesday morning. police say they were 61-year- old valentin core that guerra a transient body was found behind an apartment complex near interstate 280. the police were called to jean avenue therefore still avenue and the man was pronounced dead at the scene. according to the court or the was -- the corner he was stabbed once the the eighth's homeless person stabbed today. police have posted fliers asking for information about the homicide. investigators are searching for witnesses they also say there is no reason to believe cases are connected. anything is a possibility however at this point there's nothing indicating there is one person committing the crimes. the methodology is different..
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santa cruz police for men looking that killed his mother. an arrest warrant issued for casey castell was accused of stabbing his mother in the back of her neck. the body and 66-year-old shannon magner weight never found an apartment on santa cruz monday no possible motive for the killing. >> m.ed. convicted of killing a retired kindergarten teacher is eligible for the death penalty. the tilting verdict was delivered. he beat and stabbed suzy cohen in 2012 after breaking into her hercules home, robbing her and stealing her car. the family says it has been a long trial and they are happy with the verdict. >> we're just very grateful about the job the da office has done. we are also very relieved obviously with the verdict outcomes is ever -- very favorable for us and the one step closer to justice for my
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mom.>> a jury will now decide if washington will get the penalty he was arrested the seattle days after the stabbing their prosecutors say his skate on the san bernardino killed earlier. >> becomes 439 pretty teacher berkeley put on administrative leave and she says because he took part of a protected -- in a protest. she teaches at martin luther king jr. middle school pages also a member of the political group called any means necessary for last year she helped organize a counter protest and white supremacist rally outside the capital. she reportedly punched a protester and says she was hurt during the face-off during the two groups. per the suspension is not fair to put me on suspension to disciplinary or take my pay waitlisted applicants respect because they protested against this that i am a teacher who teaches immigrant students
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that's unconscionable and immoral and illegal.>> is a she engaged in inappropriate conduct the teachers union is also filed a grievance on her behalf. antioch police looking for a fictional girl who disappeared 12 days ago. this issue is seen in the 4400 block of wolf waived in antioch around 7 am. that is not far from deer valley road in lone tree way. there are reports that she had left the party with an older man they dropped her off at a friends house. those friends say she never arrived. police say they are following up on information but right now they do not have any evidence of foul play. anyone who has seen her is urged to call antioch police. 4:40 am. an assistant professor accused of sexual assault is making claims of his own and a lawsuit he is filing against some use these berkeley students and why
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he is being targeted by the university. will get an up close picture of some coffee creations. the unique piece of coffee art made just for us. this commute doesn't look too bad. if you want to grab a cup of joe and head of the road 80 westbound looks good. right now became the bridge and macarthur made us. mother nature is brewing at a much quarter temperatures here temperatures are cool but there could be some snow up there and look at the extended forecast.
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welcome back. 4:43 am jerry brown expected to sign legislation today that will help californians save money into retirement.
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we create a safe and retirement plan. every role as many as 7 million people in retirement accounts. workers would have to opt out if you don't want to take part of the state-run plant. the accounts would be portable some employees that changed jobs to take their accounts with them. governor brown signed a bill legalizing hair salons to serve alcohol. many gave couple hundred wine and beer to customers as a way to have their hair done it hasn't been legal. the so-called dry parkdale takes effect in january. it would allow salons to serve one glass of free beer or wine to customers. opponents argue without proper supervision salons could be serving alcohol to people under the age of 21. >> i didn't know -- >> you have to have a liquor license plate >> i'm asking you to gentlemen who are on tv maybe you pay
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more for haircut but i know a lot of the salons for men popping up and they really started the year with a haircut. . i don't go to a place like that but a couple times i'm sure this happen to you, dave, he went to a fancy place and you're paying $100 for haircut in your thinking why am i doing estimate the guy comes by and says would you like a glass of wine? and thinking okay. >> guys are typically spend that much on their hair as us gals.. it heading out to the tracy commute talk about the commuters here and tracy. the traffic here is going to be busy already. as a matter of fact on 205 and 580 we have the traditional slow traffic. sometimes we have crushes that
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make it slower but every day speeds are down and if you're driving a 205 near the parkway extends resubmitted it was down to 5 miles an hour because there was a crash with this routine. let's take a look at live pictures now westbound 24 doesn't look too bad as you drive over to the tunnel traffic is moving along very well on 680. you have a nice commit their active going to the bay bridge toll plaza the commute looks good as well usually things change at about five at about 53 wonder what people are on the road so early because they don't want to do so traffic. this is the time in the morning. 446 and let's bring stephen the big changes now. i think some of the cameras might bounce around the wind is picking up. we have a quarter forecast and as i just posted on facebook even in the east bay, sarcasm, started cold down the south bay
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yesterday and called them across the coast and in the city but 81 and santa rosa yesterday and 73 today, 88 to 92 concord and livermore but not today. anything is a and 74. everybody is in on the call side. a cool fog bank after that is getting help from a system. the higher committee include temperatures helped firefighters vigil at the present we will take it out of the west and southwest versus the north and northeast. the temperature of the fog is lifting the time flight over the paper the beginning of a significant cooling trend. travis 31 costs 39. even napa with the west wind in their oakland with os win concord with the west wind and the very strong gusting from the higher elevations. to give them a temperatures load to mid 50s and low 60s. the
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temps can hold up on the peninsula of profit detailed and stanford 6343 and truckee and not too windy out there yet . the brief is cranked up and some snow is there late sunday and monday so it heading out there be advised. it will be noticeably cooler. a system coming in it will take a while to get here but the eastern edge is providing the lift for the fog and a much cooler pattern it will take us into friday. cool and breezy and friday we caught up and they rain late. monday morning looks to be the best opportunity. six east coast the bay, 70s the inland areas upper 70s that you 80 we say goodbye to be in tomorrow and it's interesting to quite a change as we say goodbye to september and hello october..
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90s and 80's goodbye for a while. i have a hard time letting go of summer but my new fall scarf help. >> alecto a little bit. >> you are very often today. >> trying to embrace file. >> i am embracing my coffee cup. it is national coffee day and in addition to all of today's free offers and what we have information on that on our website. a few cups of java that might be too pretty to drink. >> alex shows us the details and heavy work that goes into some amazing coffee art. >>reporter: this is the art of coffee making the the golden gate bridge, a cute little kitty cat at into phone. the woman accreted his masterpieces joined us here. >> good morning. >> you are a freelance resetar
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and you have learned how to make a credible incredible drawings of the with espresso drinks? >> yes. but how did you learn this? >> i figured it out on my own throughout the years and drawing on drinking something simple everyday i tried to do something more and more particularly to the drawing a people strength because they requested it and it snowballed it >> yes. >> you are doing corporate events? simplify the places it is amazing. >> becomes your career? >> yes. back you will walk us through how you create one of these drawings? >> i will see my milk -- steam. i do all my drawings in microphone. i think it looks better that way.
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once you get known for its becoming nfl different characters and logos. secondly do this? >> yes. >> let's see. we'll see if melanie can give a shout out. >> the poor is important you want to make sure you get the contrast. >> i dependent chocolate. >> i started doing the for customers and they loved it and the reaction was really memorable for me.. >> this is ktvu coffee looks good. how does it taste can i try? >> i feel guilty drinking something so beautiful. >> i always tell people take a picture the new will feel less guilty. >> people don't want to ruin it. >> characters.
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>> is a hot? >> it is. >> i love chocolate. this is wonderful. happy national coffee day. thank you, alex, you 2% that was a tough assignment. sipping coffee. >> you can find a list of local coffee deals being offered today by going to the mornings onto section on your ktvu mobile app. i feel like when they create a little heart or leaf i feel that disturbing that. >> the elixir of life. very surprising turn of events that have a lot of antlers and snorting protectable trade what happens when driver after she stopped her car startled after
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running into a deer. >> flights for as low as $19? the amazing deal being offered but there are some strings attached.
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welcome back to morning and two. just imagine a flight to las vegas that may cost only $20 one-way. jetblue is offering
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the low deal. there are a few tickets left. there are some restrictions and the dates and type my not be the most convenient. >> chronicle reports jetblue is trying to sell off seats the city near las vegas and long beach. >> the giants remain in the second national league wild- card spot but they dropped of this back after losing last night. after scoring 12 runs the night before the giants were styling against the rockies and they reached scoring position only once against the rockies starter . he did his job striking out 11 but gave up without any offense of reports the rockies won two, zero and there are four games left to play. the mets one they are half up. like the giants cardinals lost three are one get back.
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there is some good news for the green and gold. sunny rate return to pitch in two months to instruct at one in the first inning and the a's had a to do nothing lead the angels scored eight runs in the fourth and i went on to win and concepts in the a's had to seattle of the season. . they were back on the streets last night, the protesters after new information came out by police in the deadly shooting of a black man near san diego. things are changing around the bay area. a lot of the road work with the overnight is being picked up and i will show you a little more of the and you can see the road work on 237 should be gone soon to traffic is light in that area.
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reporter: firefighters are making progress on the fire in
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the mountains. homes are still threatened. you'll hear from one man who lost his. >> a rising college baseball star shot and killed while playing pokemon go. the new leads police are revealing. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. if you have been with us for a bit, welcome back. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather. steve, it's just as cool as the weather outside. >> i'm not that cool. it's a cooler forecast today. no doubt about it. the breeze is cranked up for some. travis has got to 39. also getting some pretty good gusts, higher elevations, 28-30 out at the reservoir as well. a bigger fog bank and a stronger on shore breeze equal a cooler forecast.


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